Anglore seeks to provide a highly professional service in the one location consisting of a comprehensive advisory and administration service including the following :

1) The incorporation of companies located in many jurisdictions throughout the Western world for the purposes of carrying on any form of lawful commercial activity whether such companies are resident or non-resident or carry on 'offshore' activities or not.

2) The provision of directors and other corporate officers for any such companies.

3) The provision of nominee directors and shareholders where required.

4) The necessary administrative services for the conduct of any form of lawful business activity.

5) The establishment of trusts and the provision (through registered trustee companies) of international trustee company services.

6) The provision of companies with favourable tax rulings to facilitate the flow of royalty payments.

7) The provision of fiduciary services.

8) Centralised banking, accounting services and auditing.

9) international tax advice, planning and advice on asset protection and the provision of facilities in connection therewith.

10) Legal documentation for commercial transactions.

In addition, Anglore is able to arrange for the incorporation and administration of companies incorporated in Neuchatel where special concessions can be negotiated with the regional government which can include :

a) Tax holidays from Canton and Municipal taxes.

b) Finance for new industry on favourable terms.

c) Favourable bank finance for working capital requirements.

d) Subsidies from the Neuchatel government for locally employed persons in approved industries.

e) Residence permits forprincipals and key personnel including their families


Anglore has wide network of associates with whom it is in regular contact and who are located in many countries throughout the western world and other areas such as Hong Kong and Australia


Anglore is flexible in its charges which can be negotiated on a time basis or a specified sum for the provision of a particular service. You will find that we are competitive with other serious administration centres